November 19, 2010

Ornstein plead down to 8 months in prison

Marketing agent and close friend of the Saints organization, Mike Ornstein was sentenced to an eight month prison sentence following charges of the fraud of sale of Super Bowl tickets and faked game-worn jerseys.

Ornstein's relationship to the Saints is well known and documented, even in Sean Payton's best-selling book.  He is regularly seen around Saints camp.  Reggie Bush worked for Ornstein while at USC, and it was that relationship that triggered a lawsuit, NCAA investigation and punishments, albeit five years down the line, for the university. 

Ornstein plead guilty to various charges of fraud in June, surrendering $350k in the process.  

His relationship could also lead to punishments for people within the Saints organization.  Ornstein is reported to have reduced his sentence by cooperating with federal investigators, revelations around Saints headquarters that could be distracting the team

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