December 19, 2010

Draft: Saints' return on Jammal Brown trade settled

The Saints will receive an extra third round pick in April, with the terms of the Jammal Brown trade settled.

When the Saints traded LT Jammal Brown to the Redskins in June, the trade compensation was tied to another trade involving the Eagles and Redskins.

The performance-tied trade clause of the McNabb deal sends either a third or a fourth round pick to the Eagles.  The Brown trade was tied to those terms - the Saints were to receive a fourth or a third round pick, depending on what the Redskins have left.

With the 5-8 Redskins eliminated from the playoffs, the McNabb trade is set - the Eagles get the Redskins' fourth round pick.

That means that Saints will get the better end of the deal - a third round pick for Brown, who has started all but one game this season for the Redskins at right tackle.  Brown is still being affected by the problematic hip injury that ended his 2009 season before it began, and his play on the right side has been middling.

McNabb has since been benched as a scapegoat for the Redskins' struggles this year, in favor of former Bears QB Rex Grossman.

The Saints also sent their 2011 fifth round pick to Washington as part of the trade. 

New Orleans has only five picks in the upcoming draft, having traded away most of their day three picks

Last April the Saints traded their 2011 fourth round pick to move into the fifth round to acquire Boston College C Matt Tennant. 

In September 2009, the Saints traded their 2011 sixth round pick to the Patriots for TE David Thomas.  Originally a seventh round pick, Thomas' excellent performance triggered a performance clause to upgrade the compensation to a sixth round pick.

The Saints currently have just one pick on day three of the 2011 NFL Draft, in the seventh round, in addition to their first round pick, second round pick, and two third round picks.

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