January 23, 2011

Saints, Brees watching Manning negotiations

The Saints and Drew Brees will likely be renewing their contract vows at some point in the next calendar year.  A key to completing that deal will be new contract being negotiated between Peyton Manning and the Colts. 

A key to Manning's deal was the super-deal for Tom Brady signed in September.  Brady got a four year extension worth $72 million with $48.5 million guaranteed, which broke during halftime of the Saints-Vikings season opener. 

Since 2006 when Brees joined the Saints, he has four Pro Bowl appearances, one Super Bowl ring, and one AP All-Pro selection. Brees, 32, has averaged 4584 passing yards and 31 touchdowns per season over that time span, and has a 49-30 regular season win-loss record, 4-2 in the postseason.

Manning, 34, has five Pro Bowl appearances, one Super Bowl ring and one AP All-Pro selection.  Since 2006 he has averaged 4328 passing yards and 31 touchdowns, with a 61-19 regular season record, 6-4 in the playoffs.

Brady, 33, has three Pro Bowl appearances and one AP All-Pro selection, and missing most of the 2008 season with a knee injury.  Not counting that season, Brady has averaged 4158 yards and 34.5 touchdowns, with a  51-13 regular season record, 4-3 in the posteason.

Brees broke multiple team records this year, including toppling Archie Manning from the career pass yardage mark.  He signed a six year, $60 million deal with a $10 million signing bonus in 2006.

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