January 9, 2011

Saints reactions to stunning loss in wildcard round

Saints played reacted to the end of the season on the social media site Twitter.

Jonathan Goodwin wrote: "Just woke up! All I keep thinking is hope that wasn't my last one in black and gold!"

Malcolm Jenkins wrote: "Tough loss who day nation... we'll regroup and make another run at it next year!!! We love ya'll and thank ya'll for all the support"

Lance Moore wrote: "Its not a good feeling losing like that, but we fought hard till the end. We appreciate the who dat nation for their love and support... Appreciate all of the love from our who dats. Without you all we are nothing. U make it easy for us to put it on the line everyday."

Kawika Mitchell wrote: "Want to say thank you to the WhoDatNation for all the love you've shown since I got to New Orleans. Much appreciated."

Danny Clark wrote: " This has been one of the toughest days of my life. I could not see the light at the end of the tunnel without the amazing #whodatnation. Thx... I'm extremely thankful for all of the support of our fans and as well as the city of New Orleans. #whodat"

Lynell Hamilton wrote: "We fought well 4 a team plagued with adversity & 12 players on IR. Oh well, what doesn't kill u only makes u stronger! #WHODAT will be back!"

Thomas Morstead wrote: "Thankyou Whodats for all the love and support this year. It is much appreciated."

Chase Daniel wrote: "It wasn't meant to be this year..so proud of the fight in my teammates! Don't worry, we will be back next year, better then ever. #Saints"

Scott Shanle wrote: "Who dat nation than you for all u did for us this year! Season did not go as any of us envisioned but we will be back in 2011!! Believe it!"

Tracy Porter wrote: "Still can't believe we lost...but they executed and we didn't.. Won't feel the same watching fball and not playing."

Usama Young wrote: "Sucks to end it like this, gotta keep our head up and keep pushing. We'll b back. Thanks for the support Who Dats, and my folks in the DMV"

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