February 7, 2011

In public stir, Payton moves family to north Texas

Various sources both online and close to the Payton family have confirmed that Sean Payton will move his family home to Westlake, Texas before the end of the month.

The family is expected to take up a second residence in the most affluent town in America, according to Forbes Magazine.

Westlake is less than ten miles from Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport, and Payton is expected to commute to New Orleans via private jet.

It is uncommon but not unprecedented for NFL coaches to live away from their city of employment.  Former Colts coach lived in Florida during the latter part of his tenure, though he eventually resigned partly because of family matters.

Payton reportedly wanted this living arrangement in 2006, but owner Tom Benson forbade it.

Rumors of employment by the Cowboys appear at this time to be unfounded, though other media outlets could approach him in the Dallas area, as Payton has found himself a media darling in the week leading up to the Superbowl.

The furor over the story appears to be much ado about nothing, though some citizens of New Orleans will take the move as a slight.

The Payton family will reportedly keep their home in Mandeville, on the northshore of Lake Ponchartrain.

by NOPF Staff

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