March 4, 2011

Armageddon on hold as league lays in limbo for a week

Both sides agreed to a seven day extension of the rules of the old Collective Bargaining Agreement on Friday, prolonging a nation of fan's arduous anticipation. 

What has been called "armageddon" by some insiders, a labor peace now looks more attainable than ever, though far from a sure thing.  The union leaked word that they had agreed to a week's delay on Friday morning, putting the public onus on the league to accept the postponement of decertification, antitrust action and a lockout. 

Whether the league agreed to the delay because genuine progress has been made, or to save face in light of a globally-despised potential cancellation of football activities, won't be known until next Friday.

During this limbo, no player transactions are allowed, so the league has come to a full stop.  Players can meet and negotiate with their own players, but no new signings or extensions can be completed until they can be governed by the ruled of a new CBA.

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