March 20, 2011

New Orleans hosts NFL owners meetings

Never more a hospitable host than now, Tom Benson and the city of New Orleans are hosting the annual league owners' meetings at The Roosevelt downtown.

Benson, according to the Times-Picayune, has avoided direct comments on the state of negotiations. Instead, Benson has been very amicable with a flurry of good-times news for the Saints organization.

Benson is overseeing renovations at the Superdome and announced the future construction of a fan's stadium at the Saints' Metairie facility for hosting the huge and lucrative crowds for 2012's Saints training camp and minicamps.

The owner also dismissed any ill-will inside the organization about the currently-divorced league ownership and Players Union.  New contract negotiations for QB Drew Brees won't be negatively impacted by Brees' leadership stance for the players against the league, nor will the Saints organization issue layoffs, paycuts or furloughs for its internal employees during the lockout.

Meanwhile, the NFL players leadership are having their annual meetings at Marco Island, Florida. The two sides have been engaging in an exchange of public letters which smack equally of juvenile banter and labor conflict legerdemain.  None of it has produced any progress towards labor peace that won't be inflicted upon the league by the court system.

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