March 25, 2011

Saints awarded 7th round compensatory draft pick in 2011

The Saints were awarded a compensatory pick in the 7th round of the 2011 NFL Draft.

The pick, the 242nd pick overall, is the 12th to last pick in the draft and cannot be traded.

The loss of SLB Scott Fujita is the only free agent loss to have factored into a compensatory pick for the Saints.

Based mostly on the loss of DE Julius Peppers, Carolina was awarded a 3rd-round pick, the 97th selection overall.  The Packers and Titans were awarded 4th round picks, the Ravens two fifth round picks.

The NFL has a complicated compensatory pick formula that accounts for the loss and summary replacement of players in free agency during the previous offseason.

The Saints now have six picks in the 2011 draft, four in the first three rounds and two in the final round.

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