March 3, 2011

Union, League agree to 24 hour extension

The league's owners and its players union have agreed to a comprehensive 24-hour extension of the existing CBA, extending by one day the time they have to play chicken with the impact of a lockout.

The two sides have vowed to keep working on the negotiations, and further extension of the deadline is possible.

The extension will be approved by Judge Doty, who earlier this week ruled for the players in a major civil action against ownership.

George Cohen, the mediator at the middle of the talks in Washington D.C. this week, issued this statement: “The parties have agreed to a one-day extension.”

The union was ready to decertify today, along with an anti-trust lawsuit brought by nine named players, including Saints QB Drew Brees, Colts QB Peyton Manning and Patriots QB Tom Brady.  The three quarterbacks have five Super Bowl rings among them.

Both sides have maintained a no comment policy, with very few leaks of the details of any compromise progress.

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