April 28, 2011

Changing the face of Saints runningbacks

The surprisingly trade up to get Mark Ingram near the end of the first round will echo for seasons to come in the Saints' backfield.

The Saints were already well-stocked at runningback, with Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory and Lynell Hamilton, all capable players.

The problem with that foursome is that none of them finished the 2010 season healthy.  Their injury concerns are the reason why the Saints went after the #1 RB in the draft.

Pierre Thomas signed a new four-year contract, with reasonable dollar amounts that won't make him too expensive to share the load.  Ivory and Hamilton make near the league minimum, both entering the league as undrafted free agents.  The electric but inconsistent Bush may be the odd man out.

Before the draft, Reggie Bush wrote on his Twitter account, "Man can't believe I been in the league 5 years! Watching the draft seems like yesterday I was there! Time fly's when your having fun!" 

We're guessing he wasn't having as much fun afterwards.

Bush wrote on his Twitter account, "It's been fun New Orleans." 

Bush will be eligible to be traded as soon as Friday morning if the new league year begins as expected.

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