April 25, 2011

Judge rules in favor of players, NFL will move to stay injunction

In short, United States District Judge Susan Nelson rules in favor of the NFL's players in their suit against the NFL's imposition of a lockout.

She ended her 89-page ruling with the term, "The lockout is enjoined," legal term for meaning that the ruling has been made.

The player's motion to lift the lockout, on which Tom Brady's and Drew Brees' names are written, is referred to by Nelson as the "the Brady Plaintiffs’ motion," which she granted.

The NFL's comment on ruling, made at the end of the day, "We will promptly seek a stay from Judge Nelson pending an expedited appeal to the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals." The NFL will argue that the sudden lift of the injunction would result in chaos.  In terms of football, it would. 

In theory, the new league year has just begun.  In reality, Judge Nelson's ruling will likely be stayed by the higher appeals court first thing tomorrow, and the lockout's freeze on NFL transactions will live on.

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