April 29, 2011

Owners granted stay, lockout reinstated

A temporary stay has been given to the NFL owners by an appellate court in St. Louis, MO.   The lockout is back in effect.

The stay lifts the ruling of Minnesota federal judge Susan Nelson, who ruled that the lockout should be lifted.  Nelson then denied the NFL's motion for a stay earlier this week.

The lockout is back in place, and players will no longer be allowed at team facilities after a brief near-day of being allowed contact with coaches.  Coaches can have given playbooks and coaching info to the players in this brief period.

Malcolm Jenkins, Matt Tennant, Junior Gallette and a number of rehabbing injured players including Chris Ivory, Lynell Hamilton, and Jonathan Casillas were observed at Saints HQ in Metairie on Friday.

The administrative stay is only temporary until statements from the players and the union can be heard by the court. That is expected to happen next week. The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reviewed only the motion for the temporary stay, and will rule next week whether to sustain the lockout through the duration of the NFL's appeal.

Because of the stay, undrafted rookies will not be signed after the end of the draft on Saturday.  Drafted rookies will not be allowed contact with their teams.

Saints CB Tracy Porter tweeted shortly afterwards, "Lockout back on??!!...wth is going on? Grown men acting like children appealing a decision to stop us from playing fball...smdh" and then, "This #lockout is like a divorce between two parents..."

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