April 29, 2011

Saints wait through second round

The Saints waited through the second round without a pick Friday night, awaiting a pair of third rounders later in the evening.

The Patriots, with the 56th overall pick paid by the Saints for the right to move up and get Mark Ingram, selected Cal RB Shane Vereen, a teammate of Saints first round pick Cameron Jordan. Vereen isn't an every down back like Ingram, rather is a third down back with speed and versatility.

Vereen, 5'10", 210 and a good receiver with a 4.49 40 will be linked to Ingram in reviews of this draft.  Is Ingram better than Ingram by the value of a 2012 first round pick?

While the Saints waited, Sean Payton went on ESPN and said that that he has always separated Reggie's skill set from other runningbacks, and that he is a part of the Saints' plans.

"Pierre is a guy we feel very strongly about," he added, throwing Ingram and Pierre Thomas to the mix.  "Its a position group where we need to have enough bodies to carry us through the entire season," Payton said to the ESPN draft crew, noting that he spoke to Bush this morning.  That's the core of the decision to target a runningback high in the draft: the suspect durability of the four capable runningbacks on the roster.

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