August 2, 2011

Saints sign last remaining draft pick, first round rookie DE Jordan

The Saints have completed signing their rookie draft class, adding first round pick defensive end Cameron Jordan from Cal.

Jordan, the son of former NFL great Steve Jordan, is one of the later first round picks to sign, reportedly over the number of guaranteed years in his rookie deal.  A new trend in top round signings this year, many rookies are receiving three or four years of the NFL-prescribed four year rookie deal fully guaranteed.  Jordan held out through five days of training camp for the fourth year guaranteed, but succumbed a day after the picks before and ahead of him received only three years guaranteed.

Before this offseason, guaranteed contract years were relatively rare in the NFL.

Jordan's full contract is worth $7.73 million, $4.12 million of it in a signing bonus.

RB Mark Ingram, picked four slots after Jordan, received $7.41 million including a $3.89 million signing bonus.

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