August 20, 2011

Saints-Texans preseason gameday

The Saints have scored 38 points the past two times they played the Texans in preseason football, each time winning big after a week of sometimes violent joint practice sessions.

This year, the Saints and Texans abandoned their offseason practice plans.  The lockout might have had something to do with it, but more likely it is the fact that the Saints and Texans play each other in a little over a month.  

The Texans will travel to the Superdome in week three of the regular season on September 25.

That also means that tonight's defensive and offensive gameplans should be fairly conservative.  For example, in the preseason opener, Saints runningbacks Mark Ingram in the second quarter and Chris Taylor in the fourth quarter scored touchdowns on similar playcalls.

On the other hand, Gregg Williams calls for blitzes with his breakfast, and will likely continue to instill that killer attitude tonight with attacks on Texans quarterbacks Matt Schaub, Matt Leinart and TJ Yates.  Six different Saints collected six sacks last week against the hapless 49ers, and the defense forced two fumbles and two interceptions.

The Texans had the same success against the Jets on Monday night - collecting seven sacks and a pair of forced fumbles.  And like Drew Brees last week against the 49ers, Texans started Matt Schaub was off target and ineffective in the opening minutes.

The Saints will travel to Oxnard, CA the week before their preseason game in Oakland against the Raiders, though the two teams will reportedly not practice together.

In 2008, the Texans starters stomped all over the Saints on their way to a 31-27 win in the Superdome's preseason home opener.  Before that, the two teams met in preseason 2002 for a 13-10 Texans win.  

The two teams haven't met in the regular season since a Texans win in 2007.

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