September 21, 2011

Starcaps Ransom Paid, DE Smith Returns From Suspension

His two-game suspension paid for an offense more than three years ago, DE Will Smith has returned to the team.  Smith's long-fought Starcaps court case, litigated by proxy in Minnesota by two Vikings players facing the same suspension, was finally reduced from four to two games before the season.

Having paid his punishment, Smith is finally free of the Starcaps cloud hanging over his head.  Smith rejoined the team on Monday.

Advanced NFL Stats rated Smith by far the best Saints defensive lineman for the past four years straight, and in five out of his seven years in the NFL.

The team was given a temporary roster exemption until today, when to make room for Smith on the active roster, the Saints waived fourth-string RB Joique Bell.

Bell was not claimed on waivers.  He has been placed on the Saints' practice squad.

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