October 23, 2011

Kreutz Quits, Canfield Promoted to 53

C Olin Kreutz had a semi-public blowout with a coach this week in practice, perhaps the final straw on the camel's back that precipitated his departure from the Saints.

According to his agent Mark Bartelstein, "he no longer feels passion and doesn’t want to just collect a paycheck... He has to feel really good about the passion he has got for the game and the love he has got for the game.  He felt that slipping away and he's just not someone who can go to work every week and collect a paycheck."

Bartlestein added that these feelings started weeks ago.

His replacement Brian de la Puente started two games for Kreutz, 34, though the 14-year veteran did start against Tampa Bay.  Kreutz publicly left the team this week, and before gameday Kreutz was placed on the waived/left squad list, meaning he has left behind $1.29 of a $2 million one-year contract that did not have a signing bonus.

Kreutz had been battling a knee injury, and missed the Jacksonville game, ending a streak of 137 straight starts.

de la Puente has played two and half games so far this season, including the second half of the Texans game and two weeks after that.  de la Puente has some mistakes on his record so far this season, including a false start that scuttled a fake field goal attempt against Chicago and some bad gaffes in pass protection in his starts against Jacksonville and Carolina.

de la Puente's backup is second year Matt Tennant, who was heralded as the replacement for Jonathan Goodwin upon the veteran's departure for San Francisco.

The Saints replaced Kreutz on the 53-man roster with backup QB Sean Canfield.

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