January 22, 2012

Saints to Draft #27th; Patriots Own 27th pick

While the Saints will draft 27th in the order of the NFL Draft in late April, the Patriots own their first round pick.

The Saints will pick first 59th overall on the second day of the draft, the 27th pick of the second round.

The Saints traded their first round pick in 2012 to the Patriots on the first night of the draft last season, in order to move up and draft Alabama RB Mark Ingram.

Ingram started four games but saw extensive action in 10, rushing for 474 yards on 122 carries, a mediocre 3.9 yard/carry average.   He was lost for the Saints in early December and shelved with a toe injury.

The Saints do own their own 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th round picks.

UPDATED: Mickey Loomis told the media today that the Dolphins and Saints had exchanged sixth round picks in the Reggie Bush trade.  The Saints move from 27th to 8th or 9th in the sixth round, pending a coin flip between the Dolphins and Panthers.

The Saints would have been owed a conditional 6th round pick by Washington this season as part of the Jammal Brown trade, but Brown did not play in 90% of the snaps or make the Pro Bowl this season.

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