November 25, 2012

Fourth String Right Tackle William Robinson In; Harris Hurt

The razor-thin situation for the Saints at right tackle got even worse in the first quarter against San Francisco.  Fourth stringer William Robinson, signed this past week off the street, is in the game against the 49ers' fearsome pass rush, with third stringer and today's starter RT Bryce Harris injured.

Harris suffered a lower leg injury and was taken to the locker room with for x-rays in the first quarter.  He was ruled doubtful early on and ruled out after halftime.

Early performance by Robinson was good, though the Saints' already had a game plan that would protect the inexperienced right tackle with help from backs, tight ends and sixth lineman Eric Olsen.

Brees was not sacked in the first half, though he was called for intentional grounding to escape a free blitz up the middle in the second quarter, a 20-yard penalty that snuffed out that drive.

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