April 22, 2013

One More Free Agent Addition: Fujita Retires As a Saint

The Saints signed a familiar face off the free agent market today in a truly unique signing in NFL history.

Former Saint LB Scott Fujita, a Super Bowl XLIV Champion with the team and the first free agent to sign with the club post-Katrina, signed a one-day contract today to retire with the Saints.

Get this - in an offseason where Denver DE Elvis Dumervil couldn't fax a contract in on time from Miami, Fujita signed the papers atop Machu Picchu, site of 600-year old mountaintop ruins in Peru.

Fujita completed the ascent a team of climbers including former teammate and fellow Saint great Steve Gleason, who made the climb in a wheelchair.

Gleason, who continues to courageously live with Lou Gehrig's disease, enjoyed the panorama of row of terrace farming with close friend Fujita.  Gleason's website posted pictures of the summit here: http://teamgleasonexperiment.org/2013/04/22/scott-retires-at-saint-during-the-team-gleason-experiment-in-peru/

Fujita, who signed the contract wearing a black Super Bowl XLIV tee shirt with "Finish Strong" on the back,  wrote on Twitter, "Where one journey ends, another begins. Thank you for a great 11 years. Proud to retire as a New Orleans Saint."

In 1996, the Saints signed Hall of Famer LB Rickey Jackson to a symbolic one-day contract to that he could retire as a Saint.

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